Compact structure can save working space in the repair shop.

5T pulling tower can handle any substantial damage.

One electric pump can control the up and down of the bench and the pulling towers as well with low hydraulic malfunction.

Max. working height can reach 1650mm which suits to any operator and can be used as a lift for re0finishing as well.

It can be combined with all kinds of measuring systems.

It can meet different types of crash repair jobs especially for fast service shops.


MAXIMA Mini Bench MAXIMA-800 has a compact structure, which can be used in the small repair workshop and small crash repair. It is very convenient to operate without the loading ramp. The four T-top clamps can anchor the vehicle rock-solid.


Length Platform 2875mm
With pulling tower 4210mm
Width Platform 815mm
With pulling tower 2130mm
Height Platform 115mm
Max. lifting height 1650mm
Height to the underbody of the anchored vehicle 2050mm 2050mm
Lifting capacity 2500kg
Max. pulling capacity 5T
Power 380V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ
Product specifications may change without notice
  • T-TOP clamps (Optaional) Quick installation of four clamps.

  • Flexible pulling tower.

  • Mechanical Lock.

  • Accessories.

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